Kwikstage Ledger Painted / Galvanized

Available sizes: 2.4M, 1.8M, 1.2M, 0.7M, 0.5M

Painted / Galvanized.

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The guard rail ledgers are the lateral horizontal members and constructed from the same scaffolding tube as the standard. Their approval classifies them as a non-load bearing. The guard rail ledger comes in many sizes and provides automatic spacing of standards in both access scaffold and formwork support applications.

A spigot and captive wedge assembly on each end of the ledger fits snugly into the “V” pressings on the standard, a positive joint is secured by tapping the wedge firm. The captive wedge is easily “cocked” for quick erection and dismantle.

Size Weight (KG)
Ledger 0.7m, Paint 3.30
Ledger 1.2m, Paint 5.30
Ledger 1.8m, Paint 6.90
Ledger 2.4m, Paint 8.90
Ledger 0.7m HDG 3.40
Ledger 1.2m HDG 5.45
Ledger 1.8m HDG 7.20
Ledger 2.4m HDG 9.00


Australian Standards AS/NZS1576


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